Posting schedule and thoughts


I’ve always been useless at updating blogs and other social outlets. Always doing them for a month or two, getting really into them with it all going really well. Then out of nowhere I just seem to lose the incentive to do it any more. Now i’ve been trying to figure out exactly why this would be the case.

Quite honestly I feel it’s due to change. And the immense changes that have occurred in the last few months of my life. Namely:

  1. University
  2. Moving away from home
  3. Becoming an adult
  4. Falling in love

Now these are all rather big things. All of which have happened so quickly. Every single one within the space of a year. I actually thought I’d be able to continue writing despite all of these things but gradually over time I began to lose interest. The fast pace of life these days means that any spare moment I get I just want to relax. And that’s where I think I’ve gone wrong. I don’t want to relax. I want to always be on the go! To always be pushing my self to the next level.

So at it’s core, it’s all due to this change that’s led me to stop start and close blogs in the past. I never have a place that I want to continue and make truly my own. Where I can just dump all my thoughts! Which is kind of what I need, I need somewhere that I can ignore the rest of the world. Now I’m not saying this blog will be that place, but I guess reviving it and somehow starting something again will push me towards my goal of living the adventure.

Now I can’t commit to any schedule of posting. I’ve got a hectic student life consisting of work, socialising and sleep. But I want to promise this time round that I’ll be able to push on through the gaps of no posting by scheduling posts and working out a routine where I can fit it in nicely around my studies and my sleep pattern. I’m hopeful as well that by focussing on some new topics in the blog and by revamping the site itself I can focus on what’s most important and that’s enjoying my blog whilst pushing myself to run the blog that I want to run.

Also worth noting how this is working out to be a great procrastination method, so now this has been written I should probably get back to some revision.

Stay in touch,






Good morning internet.

Welcome to my blog, currently it’s fairly basic, there are few if any posts and barely any photos to catch your eye. This may put you off taking an interest in my blog but it is just the beginning. I have a passion for a wide variety of things. Culture, travel, photography, design and technology to name just a few. This blog aims to focus on all of these things individually and then how they all mash together. I hope that my writing will hopefully be entertaining and give you a glimpse of some of the passions that I have in my life.

The aim is to update this blog as regularly as possible. And i’m keen on engaging with everyone reading the blog so tweet me some stuff you’d like me to cover and I’m sure I can.

It’s exciting for me heading out into the wonderful world of blogging. I can’t wait to start posting properly and I hope you guys will enjoy what’s to come.