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I enjoy planning things. It gives me a sense of excitement, which you don’t ever get if you’re just sitting still plodding along with life. It’s like a journey which wouldn’t be enjoyable if you never got anywhere at the end of it.

Obviously at the moment I’m rather bogged down with exams! (Which is funny as I’ve just restarted this blog again). But one good thing that does come with exams is the post exam period bliss. From the moment you walk out your last exam to the first day back at uni or school. You have a period of uninterrupted time to choose what you want to spend your time on.

Planning of such time is one of the things that keeps me going through exam period (whilst also distracting me from that much needed revision). BUT none the less it is something, which hopefully actually improves my marks, giving me something to look forward to once it’s all over. So I thought I’d talk for a moment about some of the plans I’ve made currently.

The blog is all about “living the adventure” and how I hope one day to fully achieve that. It would only be right then that the brief time I get away from uni or responsibility is fully spent trying in small ways to achieve that goal.


Firstly I’ve got the end of uni mandatory socialising. Including the celebratory Dominoes (yes I’ve already started planning it) and a trip up to Leeds for their ball at the end of the year with my girlfriend.

Soon after that we’re going to head down south to Southampton, where we can use the next few days to explore Bournemouth

Pray the weather will hold up for the sun that I desperately need after exams

Pray the weather will hold up for the sun that I desperately need after exams

, the New Forest and possibly Winchester if we get enough time. I’m yet to properly have days out since I’ve been at uni, when i’ve had breaks it’s normally been going home, or up to Leeds.

I then get a much deserved break from everything which will enable me to focus on sleep. And as a student I definitely haven’t had enough of that recently! (What can you do when you’ve got to have a decent amount of time off after working throughout the day)

After this break my girlfriend and I are packing up our bags and heading to Rome at the start of July. It’s looking to be a very hot

and sunny suRome Touristsmmer there which is lovely and hopefully one of my other friends is aiming to be there at the same time. So along with the cultural heritage that Rome will provide we can spend some time relaxing in the evening over a pizza or a alcoholic beverage or two.

A few weeks after Rome, my cousin is getting married and i’m also lucky enough to be going on my usual family holiday down to Devon.

Exciting times! I just have to make sure I can get through these exams first I guess. Then I’ll be free to properly enjoy all these plans that I’ve been beginning to make. I’ll be hoping to share as much as possible over the next few months exactly what I manage to get up to in my time off from my studies.


If you want to find out about any more of my plans send me a message or leave a comment. Also I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been making plans yourself!

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