Good morning internet.

Welcome to my blog, currently it’s fairly basic, there are few if any posts and barely any photos to catch your eye. This may put you off taking an interest in my blog but it is just the beginning. I have a passion for a wide variety of things. Culture, travel, photography, design and technology to name just a few. This blog aims to focus on all of these things individually and then how they all mash together. I hope that my writing will hopefully be entertaining and give you a glimpse of some of the passions that I have in my life.

The aim is to update this blog as regularly as possible. And i’m keen on engaging with everyone reading the blog so tweet me some stuff you’d like me to cover and I’m sure I can.

It’s exciting for me heading out into the wonderful world of blogging. I can’t wait to start posting properly and I hope you guys will enjoy what’s to come.