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A few days ago, my friend and I ticked making our own pizza off our list of things to do! I’d like to point out how I am most certainly not a cook so for me it was all about following the recipe exactly. We were still able to be flexible around it, choosing our own toppings and preparing it exactly how we wanted etc. I’ll describe the process of us making this pizza and hopefully in some way you’ll find it both entertaining and useful.

We met at the supermarket in town. The place where we’d go about grabbing all the tasty ingredients we were going to shove in our pizza. I, however, thought it was necessary to start with a caffeine boost so I grabbed an iced coffee to give me that quick improvement. Once I was up and raring to go we collected a small basket and head into the depths of the supermarket. Armed with only a basic set of ingredients we grabbed the general stuff needed first. The flour, tomato sauce, cheese and strong bread yeast. These would make up the basic pizza, producing an adequate amateur pizza; for us, however, this was not enough. We’d filled up our basket slightly, not spending too much except on the quite expensive mozzarella cheese. For toppings we decided to choose some parma harm (expensive but definitely worth it) and then a mixture of vegetables to add a bit of colour to our pizza.  For the additional toppings we chose, a selection of peppers, some basil, some sweetcorn, some tomatoes and some pineapple. Then to flair the base up a bit we bought some goats cheese to put between the pieces of mozzarella.

Upon getting home we put certain items in the fridge and then began preparation. We started with the base, measuring out the flour and mixing it with warm water and yeast. We found more yeast was needed to make sure the pizza rose properly. (thank you internet) Once finished with the combining we were able to start kneading, whereby you try to get rid of all the air inside the dough…. Sadly, I took charge of this and wasn’t the most successful as we ended up having an area of our pizza that rose a fair way.

We mixed together our sauce, adding much more tomato than was probably needed but we wanted a nice think sauce with our pizza. I’d throughly recommend that anyone who goes about making a pizza puts more into the base coverings than they think they’ll need just to properly cover the pizza evenly. Rolling the pizza is always fun and then spreading the base covering is incredibly satisfying, I see why people want to go into the pizza business. Whilst this was going on my friend took over the role of sorting out all the toppings, so by the point I had completed the base of the pizza everything else was ready to go on. Definitely a 2 person job creating such  a magnificent work of art.

So we delicately applied each of the toppings, scattering them in a random yet perfect pattern. We had created a masterpiece!

The pizza before it was cooked

The pizza before it was cooked

We let it cook for 16 minutes, 6 more than the recipes recommendation only because we had a slightly thicker base as that was the style of pizza we wanted. I didn’t really want to deviate from the recipe as I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen but I reluctantly agreed. Now it’s done I’m so glad I did, the pizza was perfect. Hot, well cooked, and slightly singed for showing perfect cooking time. The only bad bit, was the air bubble which had rise. I’ll accept blame due to me being the one who was doing all the kneading earlier.

Hot and ready to eat

Hot and ready to eat

So ignoring the slightly burnt bit, our pizza actually looked rather impressive. It even tasted pretty good! Food definitely tastes better when you’re the one that’s cooked it, it’s as if you can taste the effort some how. A sterling effort by us, no doubt we’ll be doing plenty more cooking of pizzas now we’ve done one. We had the idea of doing a more meaty one and maybe even attempting a four seasons.

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