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It’s time for a new post.

I’m writing this in the midst of exams. For quite a lot of people they’ll be able to relate directly either having exams at the moment as well, or by the fact that they too have had exams recently. It’s often in periods like this my mind gets a bit muddled and confused. Wondering whether there’s much point in the exams at all. And obviously the endless hours of procrastination don’t help.

This most definitely isn’t a self help post! I’m no guru, as I too get muddled (far too often as it happens). I find myself traipsing the internet in search of stuff to cure my inane boredom that the revision has generated. I always find this odd. As i’m normally someone who enjoys learning about my subject but put it in the context of revision and it all too easily becomes mind numbing and dull. So throughout this exam period I’ve tried, as best I can, to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Evidently (as this post shows) this doesn’t always help. And procrastination quickly sparks back into life. So here I am to not help but tell you how I go about procrastination. Which will hopefully give you something to relate to. But maybe also it will give you something to aim for.

My procrastination normally consists of:

facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, youtube, yikyak, food repeat…. and this is a cycle which normally occurs 3/4 times in a row.

For most their procrastination will be similar, and with our lives so fuelled by social media it’s easy to get lost in this amongst all the revision. My new method, however, isn’t solving the problem. Or in anyway making me revise more but it is helping to renew my enjoyment for the stuff that i’m learning about. It’s all about exposure to your particular interest or subject even whilst you’re on a “break”.

In my periods of procrastination, where I’m sat flicking through my phone or laptop I now try to focus it on parts of my subject that I enjoy outside and away from the stuff I’m actually learning about. The other day I was studying for a module on geological hazards, the break I gave myself was watching news footage from landslides in Nepal, whilst also watching a video on the causes of landslides with clips of them in action all whilst I was on youtube like I would be normally. For me seeing particular parts of the subject in action brought it to life a bit more, allowing me to apply what I was learning.

Now having said that, this was a very specific part of my module that I was able to directly link to something both: less tedious and semi-productive. For other parts of my exams and for other people’s subjects this may not be possible.

My girlfriend makes sure she’s always liking new neuroscience pages on facebook so her feed is less cluttered by junk and more engaging with news articles and posts she wants to read in her time off. She also does this through twitter where she directly follows neuroscientists and specialist hospitals which tweet regularly about the goings on in her field.

I’m lucky enough that companies like Wired often post about the updates in geography but this is due to the subject itself having such a broad focus. On most occasions the updates aren’t relevant at all but it’s small things like this that you notice while scrolling through whilst procrastinating. Maybe they’ll be something similar for a topic you’re studying?

A tweet that wired did a little while ago relating to something I was studying at the time.

A tweet that wired did a little while ago relating to something I was studying at the time.

I don’t reckon my procrastination will ever go away, but if you do find out a method that works for you be sure to let me know as I need any help I can get! Despite all of this I do feel that my procrastination has gotten better. It’s more focussed and structured, sort of like my revision sessions are. I may be scrolling through twitter or just browsing the web. But by increasing my exposure to sources relevant to something I’m interested in but also related to the exam it does make me feel like I’m slowly improving.

Don’t give up on revision entirely, it’s the only sure fire way of upping those grades. But if you’re like me and maybe want to feel less miserable or muddled due to the fact you seem to be wasting so much time in the run up to exams. Maybe do what I do? Exposure is everything, even if it isn’t a self made card or a lecture slide. We’re always learning even if we don’t think we are!

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